F5 BIGIP TMSH basic commands:

  1. Verify F5 BIGIP version : tmsh show /sys version
  2. Verify F5 BIGIP hardware/serial number : tmsh show /sys hardware
  3. Verify failover status: tmsh show /sys failover
  4. List interface status : tmsh show /net interface
  5. Verify CPU status: tmsh show /sys cpu
  6. Failover traffic from active F5 device to standby F5 device: tmsh run /sys failover standby
  7. Take backup of F5 device: tmsh save /sys ucs <path/filename.ucs>
  8. Restore configuration on F5 device:  tmsh load /sys ucs <Path to UCS file> no-license
  9.  list routing table : tmsh show /net routing or netstat -nr
  10. Rebooting viprion device : clsh reboot
  11. Rebooting non viprion device : full_box_reboot

Checkpoint Firewall basic Commands:

  1. Verify the checkpoint firewall version : fw version
  2. Verify the checkpoint firewall assigned policy : fw stat
  3. List the checkpoint firewall HA status: cphaprob stat
  4.  Display the status of all interface bonds and VLANs for all the virtual systems: cphaprob -a if
  5. Verify interface details : ifconfig -a
  6. List the routing table: netstat -nr
  7. Clear local firewall policy: fw unloadlocal
  8. Stop checkpoint services: cpstop
  9. Start checkpoint services : cpstart
  10. Stop checkpoint HA services: cphastop
  11. Verify checkpoint cpu status: cpstat os -f cpu
  12. List checkpoint routing table : cpstat os -f routing
  13. Display connection table: fw tab -t connections -s
  14. Display the os logs: more /var/log/messages
  15. Verify drop logs for a particular IP: fw ctl zdebug drop | grep