Palo Alto Basic Commands:

  1. Show general system health information : show system info
  2. Show percent usage of disk partitions : show system disk-space
  3. Show the maximum log file size : show system logdb-quota
  4. Show running processes : show system software status
  5. Show processes running in the management plane : show system resources
  6. Show resource utilization in the dataplane : show running resource-monitor
  7. Show the licenses installed on the device : request license info
  8. Show when commits, downloads, and/or upgrades are completed : show jobs processed
  9. Show session information : show session info
  10. Show information about a specific session : show session id <session-id>
  11. Show the running security policy : show running security-policy
  12. Restart the device : request restart system
  13. Show the administrators who are currently logged in to the web interface, CLI, or API : show admins
  14. Display the routing table : show routing route
  15. Look at routes for a specific destination : show routing fib virtual-router <name> | match <x.x.x.x/Y>
  16. Show the NAT policy table : show running nat-policy
  17. Test the NAT policy : test nat-policy-match
  18. Show NAT pool utilization : running ippool b. show running global-ippool
  19. Ping from the management (MGT) interface to a destination IP address : ping host <destination-ip-address>
  20. Ping from a dataplane interface to a destination IP address : ping source <ip-address-on-dataplane> host <destination-ip-address>
  21. Show network statistics : request netstat statistics yes

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