F5-BIGIP-Rename virtual server and pool names:

Please follow below steps to rename virtual server and pool  on F5 BIGIP :

  1. Enable database so that you can modify the virtual server and pool.

                 tmsh modify /sys db mcpd.mvenabled value true

2. Rename virtual server with mv command

              tmsh mv ltm virtual <original_VS_name> <new_VS_name>

3.  Rename your pool with same command

            tmsh mv ltm pool <original_pool_name> <new_pool_name>

4.  Disable database so no one can modify configurations

           tmsh modify /sys db mcpd.mvenabled value false




4 thoughts on “F5-BIGIP-Rename virtual server and pool names:”

  1. Renaming pools and virtualservers work like you’ve written it. Indeed, I’ld like to add a big warning sign, since during mv, bigip clusters will temporarily get out of sync and consequently devicegroups will move across nodes, which could lead to service disruption.


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