How to Reserve AWS Instances

  1. Login to the AWS console.
  2. Go to EC2 service.EC2
  3. Go to reserved instance > click on purchase reserved instances.Reserved
  4. Now purchase reserved instance according to your requirement. You can purchase instances as mentioned below.
  •   Platform : Linux/Windows
  •  Offering class: Standard/Convertible (If you choose convertible type, you can upgrade or downgrade your instances during the reservation time).
  •  Instance type: Select according to your organization requirement.
  •  Term: 1 year or 3 years (3 years will give more discount value)
  •  Payment Option:
  1.  No upfront (No need to pay money in initial stage)
  2.  Partial Upfront ( Can pay partial amount eg: 30%, 40% etc..)
  3.   All upfront  (You can pay total 100% amount during the reservation time).Reserved3Reserved4
  4. Once you selected your options click on search button and AWS will show available reservation values. You can click on Add to cart once you decided to go for reservation.Reserved5
  5. You can modify the quantity according to your requirement and then click order button.Reserved6

Bingo!!!! Now you reserved the instances and saved  money for your organization.




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