Netscreen Firewall ScreenOS Basic commands:

Basic Operation Commands:

  • get hostame – Displays the hostname of the device.
  • set hostname device10firewall – Sets the hostname to device10firewall.
  • get domain – Displays the domain name of the device.
  • set domain – Sets the domain name to
  • get chassis – Displays chassis information such as temperature, fan status, and slot information.
  • get system – Displays hardware and software information.
  • get config – Displays the complete running configuration.
  • get zone – Displays all zones present in device.
  • set zone name warehouse – Create new zone named warehouse.
  • unset zone warehouse – Removes zone warehouse.
  • get interface – Displays all physical and sub-interfaces.
  • get interface | include tun – Displayes all intefaces starting with tun (tunnel intefaces).
  • get interface ethernet0/2 mip – Displays MIP information on specified interface.
  • get arp – Displays all number of sessions, MAC addresses,and IP addresses learned by the device.
  • get ssh – display active management SSH sessions.
  • get counter statistics – Displays statistics for all interfaces.
  • get counter statistics interface ethernet0/2 – Displays statistics for ONLY specific interface.
  • get performance cpu – Displays CPU utilization over the last 1,5, and 15 minutes.
  • get performance session – Displays session utilization over the last 1,5, and 15 minutes.
  • get dns host settings – Displays DNS servers and assigned interfaces.
  • get dhcp – Displays DHCP information and assigned interfaces.
  • get admin – Displays management information such as access ports and filtered IP addresses.
  • get address untrust – Displays addresses in the untrust zone.
  • get ike gateway – Displays all gateways configured for VPN.
  • get vrouter trust-vr – Displays all vrouter information and routes associated with trust-vr.
  • get sa – Displays information about IKE (VPN) Gateways.
  • get ntp – Displays network time protocol information.
  • get service – Displays protocols both native and custom.
  • set service “RDP” protocol tcp src-port 0-65535 dst-port 3389-3389 Creates a service named RDP with source ports from 0-65535 and a destination port of 3389. 

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