Microsoft Azure Instance Type

S.No Azure Instance Type Purpose
1 A-Basic Basic version of the A series for testing and development
2 A-Standard General purpose VM’s
3 B-Burstable Burstable instances that can burst to the full capacity of the CPU when needed
4 D-General Purpose Built for enterprise applications. DS instances offer premium storage
5 E-Memory Optimized High memory to CPU core ratio.ES instances offer premium storage
6 F5-CPU Optimized High CPU core o memory ratio. FS instances offer premium storage
7 G-Godzilla Very large instances ideal for large databases and big data use cases
8 H-High Performance High performance compute instances aimed at very high end computational needs Eg: scientific applications
9 L- Storage Optimized Storage optimized instances which offer a higher disk throughput and IO
10 M-Large Memory Another large scale memory option that allows for up to 3.5 TB of RAM
11 N – GPU Enabled GPU -Enabled instances
12 SAP HANA on azure certified instances Specialized instances purposely built and certified for running SAP HANA

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