How To Take Azure App Service Backup:


  1. Login to the Azure console with your account.
  2. Go to All services > select App Services.
  3. Under the App services section existing web app details are mentioned below.



3. Now go to home > App services > webapp (testwebappstest) > settings > click on backups tab.



   5. Following two screenshots show the backup configuration page where we need to provide the details.

Backup storage –> Here we need to provide the details of the storage account and its storage container for placing the backups.

Backup Schedule  –> This is required for creating automated backups.


6. First create a backup storage account and container to store web app service backups.

7. Go to Backup Storage > Backup Storage > configure storage settings as mentioned below.


8. You need to create container under storage account as shown below (Make sure you selected same location where App service is created).


9. Click ok and then create a container storage as mentioned below and call container storage in webapp backup configurations.



10. Now enable backup configurations as mentioned below according to your organization requirement.



11. Now you successfully enabled the backup for web app services.





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