1.  Display the number of active TCP and UDP connections, and provides information about connections of various type.

testasa# show conn

2. View all the connections through the appliance

testasa# show conn all

3. View overall connection counts

testasa# show conn count

4. View CPU Utilization

testasa# show cpu usage

5. View contents of the internal flash disk of the ASA

testasa# show disk

6. View operating information about hardware system components such as CPU, fans, power supply, temperature .

testasa# show environment

7. View information about Active/Standby failover status

testasa# show failover

8. View information about Interfaces, such as line status, packets received/sent, IP address

testasa# show interface

9. View maximum physical memory and current free memory

testasa# show memory

10. View software version, hardware configuration, license key, and related uptime data

testasa# show version

11. View NAT sessions

testasa# show xlate

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