F5 Device Backup and Restore:


To take F5 device backup you should have following pre-requisites.

  • You have administrator, resource administrator, or root-user access to the BIG-IP system.
  • You have access to the Configuration utility or TMOS Shell (tmsh).
  • You have Advanced Shell (bash) terminal access privilege to the BIG-IP system.


This article describes how to back up and restore your BIG-IP 11.x through 15.x configuration data using a UCS configuration archive. The UCS archive, by default, contains all of the files you need to restore your current configuration to a new system, including configuration files, the product license, local user accounts, and SSL certificate/key pairs.

File names and location:

By default, the BIG-IP system saves the UCS archive file with a .ucs extension, if you do not include the extension in the file name. You can also specify a full path to the archive file, and then the system saves the archive file to the specified location. If you do not include a path, the system saves the file to the default archive directory, /var/local/ucs.

Command to take a Backup:


tmsh save sys ucs /var/local/ucs/<devicename-date>.ucs


The BIG-IP license is associated with a specific hardware serial number. The UCS archive contains the license file of the system on which you saved the configuration.

To successfully install a UCS archive file on a BIG-IP system, you must perform one of the following actions:

  • Restore the UCS archive to the same system from which you saved it.
  • Relicense the BIG-IP system after you restore the UCS archive. You must do this when restoring the UCS archive to a system that was replaced due to a Return Material Authorization (RMA) in order to associate the license to the new serial number.Note: You are allowed to associate the license to a new serial number only in the event of an RMA.
  • Save the license file prior to restoring the configuration from another system, and then copy the license file back.
  • Use the following syntax to install the UCS archive using the tmsh no-license option:tmsh load /sys ucs <path/to/UCS> no-license

    For example, you use the following code to install the UCS archive named MyUCS:

    tmsh load /sys ucs /var/local/ucs/<devicename-date>.ucs no-license


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