F5 -n3-crypto2 Hardware error Resolution Step:

Web-ui Error:

F5 Viprion device slot is in failsafe fault mode


CLI Error logs:

tmm[12091]: 01010260:2: Hardware Error(Co-Processor): n3-crypto2 request queue stuck


  1. Login to the affected F5 device
  2. Take a UCS backup
  3. Reboot the viprion guest device with the below command.

         clsh reboot

4. If issue is not resolved after a reboot, please open a case with F5 vendor.

Google Cloud- Disk Changes

  1. Create disk using Gcloud command


gcloud compute disks create <DISK_NAME> --type=<DISK_TYPE> --size=<SIZE> --zone=<ZONE>


gcloud compute disks create disk-2 –size=100 –zone=us-east1-b

2. Resize disk using Gcloud command


  gcloud compute disks resize <disk_name> --size=<size> --zone=<zone>


gcloud compute disks resize disk-2 –size=150 –zone=us-east1-b

3. Attach Disk using Gcloud command:


gcloud compute instances attach-disk <instance> --disk=<disk_name> --zone=<zone>


gcloud compute instances attach-disk windows-instance –disk=disk-2 –zone=us-east1-b





How to Build CCOE Team

5 steps to build CCOE Team (Cloud center of excellence):

  • Build or form a team: Leadership, operations, infrastructure, security, applications and training.
  • Define roles, responsibilities,goals, road maps etc..
  • Gather support from leadership positions that will spread supports to their teams.
  • Start small and add in automation and repeatable   process.
  • Start to scale and schedule reviews to analyze your designs and architectures to ensure you are using latest services, tools and resources.