To obtain the Cluster members information, type the following command:

      tmsh show sys cluster
[root@vhost:/S1-green-P:Active:Standalone] config # tmsh show sys cluster

Sys::Cluster: default
Availability            available
State                   enabled
Reason                  Cluster Enabled
Primary Slot ID         1
Primary Selection Time  07/23/17 22:01:49

| Sys::Cluster Members
| ID  Address      Availability  State    Licensed  HA      Clusterd  Reason
| 1  available     enabled  true      active  running   Run
| 2  available     enabled  true      active  running   Run
| 3  available     enabled  true      active  running   Run
| 4  available     enabled  true      active  running   Run


To obtain the configured vCMP guest information, type the following command:
tmsh show vcmp guest

[root@vhost:/S1-green-P:Active:Standalone] config # tmsh show vcmp guest

Name      Slot ID Status  Requested   Request  Retries  Uptime  Comment
State  Complete
test1          3  running   deployed      true        0  07/23/17 22:18:16
test2          4  running   deployed      true        0  07/23/17 22:19:41
test3        1  running   deployed      true        0  07/24/17 19:24:16
test4        2  running   deployed      true        0  07/24/17 19:29:25
vguest1        3  running   deployed      true        0  07/24/17 19:28:49
vguest2        4  running   deployed      true        0  07/24/17 19:28:49  


To access the vGuest console you  may run the following command. 

        vconsole <guest name> <slot#> 
[root@vhost:/S1-green-P:Active:Standalone] config # vconsole guest 1
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.

BIG-IP 12.0.0 Build 0.0.606
Kernel 2.6.32-431.56.1.el6.f5.x86_64 on an x86_64
guest1.f5.com login:
[root@guest1:/S1-green-P:Active:Standalone] config #

SSH into a specific slot:
ssh <slot number>

[root@guest1:/S1-green-P:Active:Standalone] config # ssh slot2

Forcing a Primary blade to Secondary

  1. Locate the primary slot# by running
    tmsh show sys cluster
  2. Disable the primary slot with the following command:
    tmsh modify sys cluster default members { 2 { disabled } }
    From the above command, the primary slot# is “2”

Shutting Down and Restarting a single VIPRION Blade

Restarting, powering off, and powering off VIPRION Blades can be done via the following commands:

  1. Reboot a single blade:
    bladectl -b <blade#> -r
    Example: bladectl -b 2 -r
  2. Power Down a single blade
    bladectl -b <blade#> -p 0
    Example bladectl -b 2 -p 0
  3. Power On a single blade
    bladectl -b <blade#> -p 1
    Example: bladectl -b 2 -p 1