Azure Backup – Recovery Service Vault

  1. Login to
  2.  Search for Recovery service vault


3. Click on Recovery services vaults


4.  Provide Subscription name, Resource group, vault name and region details and click   review and create it.

5.  Now go to newly created recovery service vaultAzure-3

5.  Go to Settings  > Properties and configure backup configuration according to your requirement (Locally Redundant or Geo Redundant)


6.  Now go to getting started > Backup > Select workload as Azure and virtual machine under want do you to backup


7. Click on Backup, either select default policy or create a new policy according to your business requirement




8.  Click ok and now add virtual machine to the backup policy.


9. Click ok and deployment will start for backup.

10. Go to protected items > Backup items


11. Now VM backup will happen according to the schedule configuration.


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