bigpipe commandTMSH Commands
b arp showshow /net arp all
b arp all deletetmsh delete /net arp all
b class DATA-GROUP mode readmodify ltm data-group DATA-GROUP access-mode read-only
b class showshow running-config /ltm data-group
b cluster showshow /sys cluster all-properties
b config save file.ucssave /sys ucs file.ucs
b config install file.ucsload /sys ucs file.ucs
b config syncrun /sys config-sync
b config syncrun /cm config-sync from-group/to-group DEVICEGROUPNAME
b conn showshow /sys connection
b conn show allshow /sys connection all-properties
b conn ss server node-ip:node-port deletedelete /sys connection ss-server-addr node-ip ss-server-port node-port
b daemon listlist /sys daemon-ha all-properties
b db < key name > < value >modify /sys db < key name > value < value >
b db Platform.PowerSupplyMonitor disabletmsh modify sys db platform.powersupplymonitor value disable
b db showshow running-config /sys db -hidden all-properties
b export my.config.scfsave /sys scf my.config.scf
b failover standbyrun /sys failover standby
b failover showshow /sys failover
b failover standbyrun /util bigpipe fo standby
b ha tableshow /sys ha-status all-properties
b hardware baud ratemodify /sys console baud-rate
b system console inactivity timeout #tmsh modify sys global-settings console-inactivity-timeout #
b ha table showshow /sys ha-status all-properties
b httpd listlist /sys httpd
b interface show -jshow /net interface -hidden all-properties
b loadload sys config partitions all
b mergeload /sys config merge
b merge /path/to/file.txttmsh load /sys config file /path/to/file.txt merge
b mgmt showshow running-config /sys management-ip
b mgmt route any gateway create /sys management-route default gateway
b monitor showshow /sys memory
b nat showshow /ltm nat all or list /ltm nat all-properties
b node all monitor showlist ltm node monitor
b node showshow /ltm node
b ntp servers sys ntp servers add { }
b partitionlist auth partition
b persisttmsh show ltm persistence persist-records
b platformshow /sys hardware
b pool listlist /ltm pool
b pool mypool member addtmsh modify /ltm pool mypool members add { }
b pool mypool member down(v10.2.4) tmsh modify ltm pool webbian443 members modify { { state down } } | (v11.1) tmsh modify ltm pool httppool1 members modify { { state user-down }
b savesave sys config
b self showshow running-config /net self
b softwareshow sys software
b versionshow /sys version
b virtual address showshow /ltm virtual-address all-properties

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