Difference Between AWS Classic and Application Load Balancer:

FeatureClassic Load BalancerApplication Load Balancer
PlatformsEC2-Classic, EC2-VPCEC2-VPC
Sticky sessions (cookies)YES (you can provide your own application cookie)Load balancer generated
Back-end server authenticationYESNO
Back-end server encryptionYESYES
Idle connection timeoutYESYES
Connection drainingYESYES
Cross-zone load balancingYESAlways enabled
Health checksYESYES
CloudWatch metricsYESYES
Access logsYESYES
Path-based routingNOYES
Route to multiple ports on a single instanceNOYES
HTTP/2 supportNOYES
Websockets supportNOYES
Load balancer deletion protectionNOYES

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