Azure Resource Mover


The Azure resource mover is used to move resources from one region to another region.


  • A single hub for moving resources across regions.
  • Reduced move time and complexity.
  • A simple and consistent experience moving different types of Azure resources.
  • An easy way to identify dependencies across resources you want to move. This helps you to move related resources together, so that everything works as expected in the target region, after the move.
  • Automatic cleanup of resources in the source region, if you want to delete them after the move.

Resources which we can move:

  • Azure VMs and associated disks
  • Encrypted Azure VMs and associated disks. This includes VMs with Azure disk encryption enabled, and Azure VMs using default server-side encryption (both with platform-managed keys and customer-managed keys)
  • NICs
  • Availability sets
  • Azure virtual networks
  • Public IP addresses
  • Network security groups (NSGs)
  • Internal and public load balancers
  • Azure SQL databases and elastic pools.

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