Palo Alto Show Commands

Show interface management –> show management interface details
Show system info –> Display system’s management IP , serial number and code version
Show system-disk space –> show percentage use of disk partition
Show system software-status –>Show running processes
Show system resources –> Show processes running in management plan
Show session info –> Display session usage, rate etc.. information
Request restart system –> Restart the device
Request shutdown system –> Shutdown the device
Show running resource-monitor –> Show resource utilization in the data plane
Request license info –>Show the licenses installed on the device
Show jobs processed –> Show when commits are completed
Show session id < session id> –> Display information about a specific session
Show running security policy –> show the running security policy
Request system private-data-reset –> Default factory reset command
Show admins –> Show admins who are currently logged
Show admins all –> show admins who can access web interface or CLI
Ping host < destination ip> –> ping from management interface
Ping source < ip address on data plane> host < destination ip> –> ping from a data plane interface to a destination IP
Show running nat policy –> shows current NAT policy table
Show running ippool –> Shows NAT pool utilization
Show running global-ippool –> shows NAT pool utilization
Show routing root –> Shows routing table
Show running security-policy –> shows current policy set
Show vpn flow –> show encap/decap counters
Show vpn gateway –>shows list of IKE gateway configurations
Show vpn ike-sa –>Show IKE phase1 SA
Show vpn ipse-sa –>Show IPSE phase2 SA
Show vpn tunnel –>List of auto-key IPSEC tunnel configurations
Show high-availability state –> Shows HA state of the device
Show high-availability all –>shows settings configured on device and peer
Show high-availability state-synchronization –> Shows if the devices are synchronized
Request high-availability state-suspend –> Suspends active device and makes passive device active
Request high-availability state functional –>Changes the state from suspend to passive
Request license info –> Show the license installed on the device
find command –> it shows all available commands
find command keyword how –> to see only show commands