Failover Traffic from Palo Alto Active Firewall to Passive Firewall:



  1. Login to the active device through webui https://PA-FW-IP-Address
  2. Go to Device
  3. Click on high availability
  4. Click on operational commandsPA-FW-HA
  5. Click “Suspend local device”
  6. Now secondary firewall will move to Active status.

Bring back affected firewall to production:

  1. Once you fix all the issues related to previous active firewalls, bring the firewall back to production using below steps.
  2. Go to Device through webui https://PA-FW-IP-Address
  3.  Click on high availability
  4.  Go to operational commands.
  5.  Click on ” Make local device functional”.
  6.  Now both device are moved to Active/Passive state.

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